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Whilst in the Site information page, there are a series of blue links:

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Geology gives the Jurassic Coast in 23 sections. Each with a section of the coast and the colour coded description of each formation given below.
  • Wildlife sites of interest gives a list of the 460 sites contained in the database.

The links below this link to the plant database:

  • Ancient woodland indicator plants gives a list of the plants, other than the ancient trees themselves, that are indicative of woods that have been continuously wooded since AD1600.
  • Plant list gives a list of the plants in the database, with an english name where found, a latin name, family and 'type'.
  • Plants in habitats and communities allows for the selection of plants found in particular habitats.
  • Bryophytes gives┬áthe mosses and liverworts and allows their selection by habitat.
  • Marine algae gives a┬álist of algae that can be selected by colour and form.